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Individuals, non-profits, and small businesses  - contact me to find out how I can help to more effectively bring your message and/or products to a broader audience.


Although a website reaches the most people, you will still need printable publicity and marketing materials to distribute. This can really be where your brand identity is most evident - in your logo, your contact information, the colors used, and information catch phrases quoted.

NEWSLETTERS - Of all the types listed here, this is the one that changes regularly. Brochures and business cards can be used for years. Flyers, posters, postcards and rack cards are most often used to announce something specific. Whereas newsletters are normally published on a regular basis, sometimes weekly, with information about what you've done and what you will be doing.

One of the best and most cost-effective ways to communicate to a large number of people is through email blasts, either ones I create and send through M.S. Publisher or customize a template from an online service, such as Mail Chimp. Email blasts are a great tool to remind people of upcoming events, featured items for sale, or they can be a shortened form of your newsletter, with links to a pdf of the full version.



Business Cards

Flyers and Poster


In addition to designing these newsletters, I am, or have been, the editor of each of them. While the overall design concept remains consistent issue to issue, the layout and information changes as necessary. For example, for the church, the December and March or April issues are more extensive because of covering Christmas and Easter. Please contact me if you would like to see other issues of any of the newsletters listed below to compare the similarities and differences between issues.


Rack Cards